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The Historical and Physical Foundations of Podometic Bharatiya Maths

Podometic™ is a long-overdue upgrade of British Arithmetic. Guru Jonathan J. Crabtree noticed problems with western mathematics explanation at age 7 in 1968. So, in 1983 he set out to change the way the western world teaches mathematics. (Evidence in the video.) Now, it’s time to reintroduce the original and ingenious ideas of Āryabhaṭa, Bhāskara and Brahmagupta into classes 1 to 8.

In 628 CE Brahmagupta created Zero-based maths via 18 Sutras of Symmetry. Sadly, his ORIGINal Zero-based ideas were never built into western math foundations. Instead, these were based on Ancient Greek ideas missing one, zero and negatives as numbers. Long lost, ideas that make math education simple are available once more!


Brahmagupta’s laws of zero, positives and negatives NEVER made it classrooms today! In 628 CE Brahmagupta gave birth to maths with his laws of negatives, positives and zero. 200 years later, Al-Khwarizmi said 1 was ‘outside of number’. In 1228 Brahmagupta’s zero definition was absent as Fibonacci introduced 0 to Europe. In 1570, Henry Billingsley invented an illogical definition of multiplication (missing India’s zero) and the British Empire passed it off as Euclid’s. This false definition remains today. For more about the history of India’s lost Zero, watch Guru Jonathan’s New Delhi talk below.

The Death Of Arithmetic: How Indian Eyes Make Maths Education Simpler & Faster | Jonathan J Crabtree

The solutions to the world’s problems of drought, congestion, pollution and poverty rely on science and science relies on maths. So, we must all return to its heritage of ancient Bharatiya maths, overlooked in history, that is consistent with laws of modern-day physics!

How might the men who created zero and base ten positional notation have taught their own children aged 5 to 13? Imagine meeting the minds of Āryabhaṭa, Bhaskara and Brahmagupta as if they were explaining mathematics to their own children! Guru Jonathan also brings to life other primary-level ideas the world missed, by building upon the ideas of giants such as Euclid, Descartes and Newton.

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